罗伯特·伯格曼是一项开拓性有机化学,其结果导致了大量的商业应用。他发现被称为伯格曼环已经有医药行业产生重大影响的反应。他还曾在有机金属化学领域进行创新研究。在1981年,伯格曼导致在切断碳 - 氢键,这创造化学的一个全新的子场几乎过夜有机金属配合物的一个不寻常的新组的发现一个团队。
Bergman began teaching at the California Institute of Technology in 1967, moving on to serve as a professor at the University of California–Berkeley in 1977. He has been named a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the California Academy of Sciences. He has more than 575 publications and 8 patents to his name. Bergman has earned some two dozen awards for his research and teaching, including an honorary doctorate from Texas A&M 大学 and the 2017 Wolf Prize in Chemistry. (The Wolf awards are regarded as second only to the Nobel Prize.) He is the initiator and codeveloper of the Bay Area Scientists in Schools program, which provides science outreach for elementary school students in the Berkeley area. Now that he has emeritus status, Bergman remains active in research, teaching, and outreach.