Proposed chemistry addition and renovation威斯康星州建设委员会的状态,上周投票建议,188bet体育官网与化学教学建设项目的设计阶段前进。虽然这一建议不包括基金的$ 103.5万美元的项目的正式承诺,它确实反映,该委员会将在接下来的两年期预算资助项目(用于2015-17)的期望。

The next step in the process is for the Department of Chemistry to work with 188bet体育官网 设备 Planning & Management to submit a request to hire a design consultant. This selection process could be completed by this fall, at which time design of the building will begin in earnest. The design phase of the building project will take one and a half to two years, and the project will be ready for construction beginning in summer 2015; funding for construction would become available in the 2015-17 Capital Budget.

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